How We Got Started

​Who Runs Things Now

Poster placer David Batterson is a fine wood worker, a lover of fine music and a beloved volunteer DJ at KDNK every Monday morning - just before making his weekly poster rounds. A self-professed luddite, David does not have an email address... But he did recently joint the digital age and can be reached on his cell phone at 970-948-9975. Give him a shout if you need him to pick up your posters, or you have a question about when your poster was placed where.  

In 2005 Aspen High School freshman Connor Gleason needed to earn money for a sisters city exchange program to Chamonix, France. With a red Schwinn cruiser, some tacks and tape, and guidance from his entrepreneurial father, young Mr. Gleason made rounds at Aspen's Red Brick Center for the Arts. By the end of the day he had his first three clients and an interview on the public radio station. Connor has long since left for college, but Poster Placement continues to support our valley's vibrant arts community. 

Poster Placement CEO Gary Gleason is lifelong Aspen resident, an avid outdoorsman, and successful entrepreneur. In addition to managing Poster Placement, Gary provides emergency management consulting to public and private sector clients hoping to learn from his experience on fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and other crises as part of FEMA's national emergency response team. You can reach Gary at or 970-948-7680 for scheduling, pricing or other administrative concerns. 

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